Working full-time remote

After a year with a local company, I’ve moved back to a remote Python development role with a global media distribution company. I’ve worked for them before and so far things are looking up. I’m working on middleware, shuttling data between systems, documenting processes, and seeing where I can automate things.

One of the main reasons I came back to my current company is the freedom in the execution of things, and the company’s openness to using fresh tech and adopting design principles appropriate for the situation(s) at hand.

Looking back

I left this role two years ago because the first iteration of the contract required me to commute four hours a day. When I found a small software shop that was local, I thought leaving my commuting situation for a small, hip organization would be a no-brainer. Not too long after I started working local, my back was in good shape again, but I quickly missed the design freedom and sense of ownership I had come to take for granted in my previous tech roles.

I left a long-commute high-freedom situation for a short-commute low-freedom role and now I’m in a short-commute high-freedom situation. The best I could ask for.

Pros and cons

I’m able to focus very well on my home turf. All my amenities are an arm’s-length away; I can do on-site composting, recycling, and eat well. If I’m exhausted I can grab a quick power nap and be back on my feet in no time. The lowest noise level of any situation. Plus I get to keep an eye on my cat, who has a heart condition, and walk in my garden when I need to brainstorm.

I do miss people and sometimes the home environment isn’t stimulating. Trips to local coffee shops and the local coworking site take care of that. Since I’m not commuting to work I need to remember to get out for a good long walk each day.