The Frustrations of using Atlassian’s Suite, Part II

It’s the little things that change over time that make a product less enjoyable to use. It’s sad to see users’ control and freedom being slowly eroded over time.

Unexpected Jira changes

As of the time of writing this post:

  • Right-clicking in the scrum view on stories and tickets does not show the browser’s context menu; right-clicking has been hijacked by Jira and presents its own context menu
  • Left-clicking in the scrum view on story numbers does not always open the story, for whatever reason, and makes me feel like an idiot

This breaks my expectations that:

  • Right clicking anywhere in the page will give me the browser’s context menu so I can debug the UI
  • Left clicking on story numbers will always open the story

Unexpected Bitbucket changes

  • Some hyperlinks that were links before, are now no longer links, and are instead, some kind of React-ified UI element that behaves how the company wants it to behave, rather than how web standards say links should behave.