Docker for Windows is a software bully

I went to install Docker for Windows today. It told me that in order for Docker to work, I had to enable Hyper-V, which would make VirtualBox unusable. So in order for it to “work”, it needs to disable the competition. Convenient.

System error message from Docker

“Hyper-V and Containers features are not enabled. Do you want to enable them for Docker to be able to work properly? Your computer will restart automatically. Note: VirtualBox will no longer work.”

Also, to get Docker to install correctly, I had to run the installer with administrative privileges, which could pose a security threat if the downloader was compromised.

It’s unfortunate that the developers of Docker decided it was too much work to engineer their software to play nicely with other virtualization platforms. There are 495 active issues just for the Windows version of Docker, keeping the team quite busy.