Put folders in sys path so Python 3 can find them

Problem: I want to import a file in the same folder

Problem 2: I want to import a file from a subfolder

Solution: Add folder path to Python’s sys.path

Sample layout


With the following pattern in myapp.py

from client import ClientClass

Yet Python will argue

ModuleError: No module named 'client'

Yet clearly client.py is right there in the same folder. What gives?

Solution: Add info to the folder’s __init__.py

For each folder having Python files in them, add the following to the init files:

import os, sys

When Python sees the init files, it’ll now register the directory in the system path, which is where it looks to find modules/files/packages being imported.

So now in myapp, both of these imports will work

from client import ExampleClass
from utils.client_tools import AnotherClass