The currency of happiness is art

Time is not money. Time is happiness.

You work to make money. You put your money in the bank. You have expenses which withdraw money from the bank.

You do things that make you happy. You have a general level of happiness. Perhaps work makes you unhappy, so you withdraw from your happiness balance over time in exchange for money. Visiting family, doing other things, may make major deposits to your happiness. Unfortunate circumstances may be a large happiness withdrawal. Certain life choices may leave you happiness-bankrupt.

Time is not money. Time is happiness.

What tangible evidence do you have that you can look back on that says “I made happiness. I was happy.”

You can look at your bank account and know immediately how you’re doing economically. Where do you look to know how you’re doing emotionally?

We should all have a trade to earn money, and a craft to produce art. Whether that art is poetry, painting, design, photography story-writing, graffiti, food art, interior design, sand sculptures, ballon animals, the product of our craft is happiness in material form. We have produced something that makes us happy to look at, and remember, “I was happy.”

The currency of happiness is art.

Whether your happiness activity makes money or not is irrelevant. The purpose of happiness activities is to develop your happiness and satisfaction in life. If you happen to make a living this way, good job.

There is also an equivalence with spending time with people, and developing relationships. Building real relationships is a form of happiness investment. Being with friends creates happiness. We can look at our friends and think, “I am happy. They are happy.”

The stock market of happiness is friendship. Choose your friends wisely.

It costs nothing to spend time with friends. Time is not money. Time is happiness.